Rap Across The Wall - Palestine

by Musicians without Borders



These are the voices of the youth of Palestine. Musicians without Borders organizes workshops run by Palestinian rappers. Young people who are disenfranchised raise their voices creatively through music. By buying their songs you give them the audience they deserve and your donation will be used to have more rap workshops and recordings.

More information: www.musicianswithoutborders.org/projects/palestine/programs/


released March 1, 2016



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Musicians without Borders Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Track Name: For Palestinian Deaf Community
See the video for lyrics: http://bit.ly/1KYpGIn
Track Name: Wasia
"Our weapon is music now, we don't need a gun anymore!"
Track Name: School
Verse 1
It’s seven in the morning, and I’m awake
I get dressed, I wash my face, and I brush my teeth
I put my shoes on
I start running so that I’m not late
Scared of the teacher
He’ll scold and punish me due to my violation
Instead of teaching me respect
He insults me saying, ‘you’re a donkey!’
That’s how the school day starts
The first class is pressure
The second class is pressure
The third class is pressure
And suppression on my chest

Verse 2
I am waiting for the break
It’s a chance to breathe
In the class you just sit
Not allowed to state your opinion
Not allowed to express your ideas
You’re told to just close your mouth
It’s a system of indoctrination
Is this type of learning for my benefit?
Or is the benefit for someone else?
If the manner of the teacher makes me hate history and science
Then teacher, teach us mathematics
Do not treat us like animals
Encourage us to study
Encourage us to understand
Do not create fear of the courses and exams

Verse 3
I study eleven different subjects
315 minutes of school,
but yet no music class?
There are 40 students in the classroom
But not even one teacher who is fair
I wish for a teacher who can deal with all levels of learning without distinguishing
I need motivation to reach my highest intellectual potential
That’s correct that we don’t have any extracurricular activities
But I truly have real talents
Take care of these talents
Develop these talents
So that one-day, you and I can celebrate it
Track Name: Give Us A Smile
I am a human
Give me ... (repeat)

[Verse 1]
I want to introduce myself, I am Mohamed
I came here to lend a thousand hands to help
My problems were solved
The SOS is an idea from long ago
And now look at the many smiles they have created
See how many deprived children now feel safe
It’s a feeling that can’t be described with words
I give everyone who works in it a rose
I give everyone hope and motivation
It’s a tree deeply rooted in the land
Adorned with leaves and protecting its fruits in complete responsibility
We carve on that tree the stories of success from within the walls of the SOS

I am a human
Give me
Give me a smile
Give me a right

[Verse 2]
I am a child living in peace, living in safety
The SOS taught me sympathy
I saw dreams
I heard words
These words will stay in my heart
Enclosed with happiness and sympathy
These days I rap and play violin

[Verse 3]
Now it’s a reality
In the village I was lost between a dream and the present
From the first moment I was here
I was no longer lost
I found myself
I started screaming at the top of my lungs,
‘I am here world, I am here’

I am a human
Give me
Give me a smile
Give me a right

[Verse 4]
I took my first step in darkness
But now there’s a candle lit by the SOS
That’s how I feel
It gives me happiness in the time of sadness
It’s hope in the time of pain
I learn to speak
To draw
To dream
And to express
Love is growing
Stories are written
It makes me a child prepared for the future
My brothers and sisters are working hard
This is my story
And I was 10 days old when it started
Yet it will never end
I draw paintings
I whisper to myself my feelings
I love
I hope
I feel
And I become tired
But at the end I become successful
I hold a pen and I paint the sun
I play a melody
And I break free from my cage

I am a human
Give me
Give me a smile
Give me a right