LéLé Mam

by LéLé Mam



LéLé Mam is one of MwB's most active musical ambassadors. Its seven women vocalists are both performers and workshop leaders, equally at home on a festival stage or singing and dancing with children in a Bosnian refugee camp.
LéLé Mam has represented Musicians without Borders at festivals, concerts, conferences and tours in the Netherlands, Germany, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Palestine, Turkey and the USA.


released July 15, 2007

LéLé Mam:
Vincenta Besteman, Betty Borstlap, Helen Botman, Paula Dekker, Laura Hassler, Laura Visser, Marja Weers.



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Musicians without Borders Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Track Name: Los Kaminos de Sirkdji
The streets of Sirkidji
are covered with sand,
for walking and meeting...
and seeing you, dark beauty!

Your father offered me
land and vineyards,
but I care no more for you than for
the plug in my drain!
Track Name: Zahret Elmadaen
For you, city of prayers, I pray.
For you, beauty of the houses.
Flowers of the minarets,
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem!
Track Name: Aka Si Re Kisho
Oh mother, I love,
but I am not loved...
Track Name: Dunja Gozaran
Time passes, the caravan moves on,
Be with me, my love, live today!
Track Name: Havuz Basinin Gülleri
By the pond, roses bloom.
Hear the nightingale!
Sweeter yet is the voice
of my beloved
Given by Allah for joy.
Track Name: Imam Bey's Mosque
Here is what I think:
there are neither great
nor smal tragedies.
Tragedies exist.
Some can be dscribed.
There are others
for which every heart is too small.
Track Name: Por Qué Llorax Blanca Niña
Why are you crying, my lady?
I cry because of you, my noble lord,
because you are leaving me.
I am but a child, a girl,
small and still so young.
I have small children,
who cry and ask for bread.
If they ask their father,
what must I tell them?
Track Name: D'en Dia en Dia
Day to day you cheat on me
Everyone says
you are toying with me.
When will I see you beside me?
And you and I, lady,
will speak face to face,
And you and I, bride,
will be happy together.
Track Name: Run!
No one has the right to hurt me,
especially when they say
they love me...
Apologies don't make
anything better,
So I'll take my love and my life,
and leave today!
Track Name: Iga'ma Lo Ta'ndo
Imagine this!
I met a hundred maidens-truly, lelema'm!
Track Name: Sholem
I wish I had the strength,
I wish I could run through the streets.
I wish I could shout
at the top of my lungs:
Peace, peace, peace!
Track Name: Si Veriash La Rana
If you could see the little frog,
sitting on the oven, frying her fritas
and sharing with her sisters!
If you could see the little mouse,
sitting in the corner, shelling walnuts
and sharing with her sisters!
If you could see the little camel,
sitting on the dough-board,
rolling out filo thinner hair!
I love you so much!